XMPP Quick Start

XMPP is an IM/group chat protocol that supports end to end encryption, contact lists, etc. Think of MSN Messenger, AIM, and other IM programs that have come and gone over the years. XMPP started in the 1990s and has been developed and improved since then. NHTB currently hosts our own XMPP server that is open to our guys for their communication needs.

You’ll need a client to get started. We recommend Siskin IM for iOS (there is a minor security issue with this client; change the name of your iPhone to not include your name since Siskin uses the iPhone’s name as its resource ID), Conversations for Android (free on F-Droid), Gajim for Windows and Linux, or Psi+ for Windows/Linux. Mac users will have to do some searching for what client is recommended as we’ve had no reports/reviews for Mac at this point. Each client’s registration screen will be slightly different, but the following list should serve as a good basic guide.

  1. Start your client
  2. Select “Register” or “Sign Up”
  3. If it asks for a server, input “nobodyhasthe.biz” (w/o quotes); if it asks for a JID (Jabber ID), input name@nobodyhasthe.biz, replacing “name” with the username you’d like to use.
  4. At this point, it should automatically log you in and join you to our general chat.